Saturday, November 14, 2009

From Scott to Obock

I'm off on a triangle tangent. It started with the Hemingway cover I found. I'm making it into a collage that is so far limited to blue, yellow, black, white and gray. I couldn't find the right map of Spain so I started looking for postage stamps.

I love the type face on this dump find:

Flipping through I began to wonder if all triangle stamps have a camel on them. I adore these fantastic ones from Obock:


MrCachet said...

What a great find! What year was it published? I think that it's a COLLECTIBLE, Anita, and looks to be in excellent shape. I'd like to find something like this at MY dump, but we can't get that close to ours.

AnitaNH said...

It was published in 1923. Scott's Standard Postage Stamp Catalog Giving Date of Issue, Shape and Value of Every Postage Stamp That Has Ever Been Issued By Any Government in the World With Illustrations of Nearly Every Type of Stamp, and Giving the Price at Which Most of Them May Be Purchased, Used or Unused, of Scott Stamp and Coin Co., Ltd. Seventy-Ninth Edition.

Every government including Obock. It's in Wikipedia but I'd like to check some older print sources.