Sunday, November 22, 2009

Invisible Playmates

As a child I had imaginary friends so I thought this first book was a pretty cool find.

This second one has a sticker obstructing a portion of the jacket art. Luckily, the cover art matches the jacket. I love the bright yellow and red diamonds, and the little black dots where they touch.


MrCachet said...

Find? FIND? Are these more from the dump? I like the first one. It makes me want to read it.

paula said...

ah i like those bright colors too and especially the pink panther/edward gorey feel to the characters. fun find!

AnitaNH said...

Yes, more from the dump. . . my weekly outing! Dave, you can read it on the Internet Archive:

I love Edward Gorey. Paula, the Phoenix Commotion site looks great. Nice picture of the Texas license plate roofing shingles!

Seth said...

great finds!

AnitaNH said...

Hey Seth, I loved reading "Secret Sunday" on your blog, The Altered Page!

And that link to the Internet Archive is missing a ")"

Link to advanced search page: