Friday, November 7, 2008

Collage Progress Report

OK, Excuse No. 5 is this blog. It has become the index to all my projects. Toad Hollow Minerals is up on the web at my old bead site with links to Botanical Information on Aromatic Herbs and Essential Oils. "About Stones" is back and I'm in the process of photographing fossils and crystals from the shop. (Anita's Beads and the Jewelry pages need major work as well) . . . so as far as collage work is concerned, I have one major piece dedicated to Neil Welliver which could be done in an afternoon if I applied myself. (I'd rather tempt the cats with the pieces a little longer!) And perhaps a triptych to Lenny Bruce with a great book cover or two and something else very cool. No excuse not to be working on that one. And then there is my Archive of Indecision. Some potentially great stuff in there including two for my Tits series, and Feng Shui Mishap No.23 with a beautiful oriental ginger jar and my favorite orange paper that looks like silk. Used as a dot on The Atomist (Study No.2) above where the intensity of the orange has been diminished somewhat by the purple behind it.

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