Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Faith In the System

I feel like I'm doing live commentary today but I just got my first NetFlick in the mail today, two of them, in fact. I was mildly shocked at first to see how little packaging is involved but the system involves little waste. (Those labels they put on the sleeve will no doubt be like catnip to Mica.) I have just watched Chris Landreth's homage to animation pioneer Ryan Larkin. There are others but I had to stop after Ryan to let it sink in. Amazing and timely on more than one level. The theme music is very hypnotic. I am listening to it now. Wow, I can't believe what I just saw. . . I'm going to watch it again.

Oh, yes. . . and my second flick is an older compilation from the National Film Board of Canada. I've seen at least two of the selections: The Cat Came Back and The Big Snit were favorites back when my daughter was young.


self taught artist said...

I remember seeing a short thing about him on tv. how long was this netflix dvd?
enjoy your netflix...its a good thing :)

AnitaNH said...

The title feature was short. Also include is a full-length documentary about Ryan Larkin and Chris Lambeth which includes the whole of "Ryan" again. The documentary is very sad. What talent wasted. We are left to assume that Larkin's condition was the result of his drug abuse. After I read that Larkin died in 2007 of lung cancer that spread to the brain.

Lisa PN said...

I have seen these and i also felt so very sad. Lambeth captured him so well in the animation, it was stunning.

And the Cat Came Back, Big Snit! Awesome awesome awesome! Are you in Canada? I have always associated them with a very Canadian upbringing!

AnitaNH said...

Actually, I am in New Hampshire but all of my family originated from Canada. My grandmother, Blanche (who was a huge influence on me) moved to Lynn, Massachusetts from Quebec when she was 10 years old and could not speak English at first. One of her brothers, who was placed in the same grade, used to whisper in French to her so she could understand what the teacher was saying. My most favorite Canadian short is Crac! about the rocking chair that ends up in a museum.