Friday, November 28, 2008

Magik Glasses

I found a funny animated collage called Peeping Tom's Peep Show at Julie Sadler's site called Magik Glasses. A man points to a center disc and when you click on it, curtains part above it to reveal a colorful collage of vintage nude women. The collage rotates when you click and hold the center disc. "Opportunity is knocking" it reads. It took a while to load on my computer but it was worth the wait. Most of the piece is black and white illustration in contrast to the little moving show which is in color.

On the same site is InsEktikA, another animated collage. Click on the moving insects with human heads to advance the story of "uniform non-conformity". A third piece called As I create, I also daydream, is also worth a look. There's lots of movement involving insects and other creatures in this two act drama. Click on the center of the first page to advance to the second.

Sadler has created a book of collage art titled Dreamiverse ("I dream in collage, don't you?" she asks) and also a collaged pop-up book. I learned about The Movable Book Society from Magik Glasses and at the bottom of the home page are many more tempting links that I'm off to explore right now!

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