Monday, November 17, 2008

More on Felipe Jesus Consalvos

Those of you who admire the art of Felipe Jesus Consalvos may be interested to know that one of his collages was used to illustrate the music CD cover of "We All Belong" by a group named Dr. Dog. I found an online inverview with lead singer Scott McMicken in which he describes how he discovered the collages when painting the walls of the Fleischer/Ollman Gallery. There is a nice reproduction of the cover art and one other Consalvos piece about three quarters of the way down the page. I should warn you that on the actual CD cover, the art is printed somewhat darker. It was interesting to note that a Campbell's Soup can has been discreetly covered by a red dot. The CD comes with a folded lyric sheet/poster featuring a Consalvos paper doll cut-out of George Washington in drag. This, for me, made it worth the purchase price.

Also, there is the full text of a 215 page master's thesis by Brendan Greaves titled: "Dream the Rest" On the Mystery & Vernacular Modernism of Felipe Jesus Consalvos, Cubamerican "Cigarmaker, Creator, Healer & Man." available online. Greaves also wrote an essay "The Art of Being Disagreeable" included in the exhibition catalog published by the Fleischer/Ollman Gallery.

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