Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Collage Progress Report

I guess it's safe to say that with all of the intense reading and personal evaluation that has been going on, I haven't made much measurable progress in the collage arena. Last "week-end" I did not accomplish much aside from making a nice organized studio space but at least that's something. One idea has been growing stronger, that of achieving animation in my collage. And my first candidate for experimentation may very well be the piece shown above. A close friend of mine finds it offensive, by the way, and that knowledge has interrupted my progress with it. Maybe I should stop revealing work while it is still in progress.

The animation idea started with my discovery of the enchanting web site of Bruno Mallart and was further fueled by my revisitation of The Dot and The Line. And I have to mention the surreal Gumby cartoons of the late 50's and early 60's, another childhood influence. I've learned about an interesting film about Gumby's creator, clay animation artist Art Clokey. Unfortunately, Gumby Dharma appears to be available on DVD only in Australia right now. But there are lots of interesting examples of animation art which can be seen on DVD, so many that I have finally joined Netflix in order to be able to enjoy them all!

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